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100% CSAT

I always maintain that keeping customers happy is never easy, but is always acheivable. This months CSAT shows that, we regularly hit 98/99%, but today we are live at 100% Customer Satisfaction Team, you are truly an asset to the business and our customers, well done! 100-csat Thanks again, Nick View the live...


Our team are cream of the crop!

Okay so no one has used exactly that phrase but we have tried to summarise the review comments that we get. The latest 100 votes shows 98% think that we did a great job on a case and 2% said that the case result was average. NO votes were dissatisfied View an...

August Customer Satisfaction results

Our team are simply superb, our August customer satisfaction results were again 99%. When we say 99% that actually means that out of the last 100 CSAT surveys that have been completed 98 said that the case resolution was "Great" and 2 said "average", 0 said poor, we'd like 100% "Great" but can live with being a little average. Do...