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100% CSAT

I always maintain that keeping customers happy is never easy, but is always acheivable. This months CSAT shows that, we regularly hit 98/99%, but today we are live at 100% Customer Satisfaction Team, you are truly an asset to the business and our customers, well done! 100-csat Thanks again, Nick View the live...

99% CSAT

WOW, we are never complacent which is why we stretch our CSAT target to 98%, but to get 99% is incredible! Well done to the team at Agility providing the myitservicedesk branded support system. 99% is an astounding figure and we are very proud of you and your commitment to the business. Thanks again, Nick view the live scores...

Welcome Meah Monsur

We are delighted to welcome another team member to our Service Desk. Meah Monsur joins us as another member of the Service Desk team. Meah has a degree in Computing and also adds a new skillset with the standard networking and Windows skills, but also DB and application Dev to add to the pot. Meah also...