Q?How long is “A call”?

There is no measure of time allocated to a call, it could be 2 minutes or 2 hours*.

*We have never had any unreasonable faults, but if a call is likely to take an unreasonable amount of time then we do reserve the right to discuss further charges for resolution.



Q?What if you close a call but the same issue recurs after closing?

Each closed case has 14 days where it can be reopened*. After 14 days the call is considered resolved and cannot be reopened.

* A closed case can only be reopened within 14 days if it is exactly the same fault. (This must be the same affected issue with the same affected device and user)


Q?Do you charge the same for extended and 24 hour cover?

Yes and No. So to clarify we charge the same for call packs, but to keep it simple we just deduct more calls for each scenario.

  • Normal working hours (08:30 – 17:30) are 1 call deduction.
  • Extended hours (06:00 – 08:30 and 17:30 – 22:00) are 2 calls deduction
  • Night hours (22:00 – 06:00) are 4 calls deducted

Base fees are also x1 £1,000 = NBH /x2 £2,000 Extended Hours /x3 £3,000 Night hours*.

*Night cover also requires a minimum committed call pack value


Q?How do you charge?

An obvious question and an easy answer thankfully, we have a pricing matrix so the below is an example.

Annual base fee: We charge an annual base fee which includes: Asset control, remote control configuration, weekly or monthly call summary emails, and enables us to ensure that we can allocate sufficient resource irrelevant of how many calls are purchased:

Call packs: We charge for monthly call packs; Call packs are purchased as 10,20,50,100 per month and are for level 1,2 or 3 support. Each time a call is closed a call is deducted from our system.

* An example of an annual cost would be a reseller who wants to have 1 customer with 20 L2 calls per month (L2 = First line support – User/Desktops etc). The cost for this would be > Base fee = £1000, 12x 20 L2 call packs = 12x £250 so total for 1 year = £4,000+VAT.


Q?What are your payment terms?
  • We get you to complete a credit application
  1. If you get credit approval then we give you no more than 30 days terms
  2. If you are unsuccesful with credit this time we will send you our bank details so you can make a BACS/CHAPS transfer.
  • Dependant on the service you may be required to pay upfront for goods and services or quarterly in advance
Q?How do you work?

Our process of providing a white labelled service to our reseller partners is flexible and straight forward;

  • We only sell to resellers not to end users
  • We can work in the background, represent your team or be visible as a partner to your end user customers, the choice is entirely yours all we want is to ensure that your customer gets great service and keeps buying from you.
  • We do not sell or share end user information unless you have approved it via an NDA.